Ucari Walter was born at Ivrea (To) on 17th may 1974.
He attended and graduated at high school, math and computer science, following for two years the artistic session. Lately specialized in office application software. From 1994 to 1997 worked as programmer.

Since 1998 he works in the world of digital graphics.
The artistic evolution is self-taught, attending local major painters.
The passion of design and draw is natural, each object is good to draw.
First painting is dated 1987, from there it's a crescendo.
Even the passion for the computer workd is very strong. The digital production is added to thos more "canonical".
Since 2003, aware of the quality of his production, he began a series of solo and group exhibitions in Canavese area.
Since 2005 there is a permanent art-show in some shops and galleries in Piedmont and Aosta Valley, such as the Wine Bar Tavern Ciapa Rusa in Montanaro (To), where there is an exhibition of several works of the author.
Also been set up several painting live art events such as "Arteritivo", "MusicArte" and "RistorArte" with the collaboration of well-known music bands and galleries of the area.
Since 2006 he is co-owner of Valgrafica Graphic Studio, in Verrès (Ao) where he continues his interest in graphics and communication.
The artistic production is halted until 2009, the year that sees the rebirth and the new style, called Renovatio.
The artistic interest moves to the female nude and a new conception of modern painting.