80x120cm - Acrylic and Oil on canvas

“Beauty doesn't need ornaments. Softness can't bear the weight of ornaments”.
Munshi Premchand

There once was a girl asleep on a couch.
In itself it is a complete story, I could not get close to wake her up, so delicate and beautiful.
Probably would remain standing in silence, leaning against the doorframe, watching the shadows and the lights that create the rays of the sun on her skin, on his hair, on his legs and on the surrounding tissue.
I would stay to observe the colors and contrasts those, imagining what I can not see.
There once was a girl asleep on a couch.
She was beautiful, her eyes were the color that goes well with all colors and all the flowers.
Exactly the same person to whom you are thinking at this moment.
Silence is still sleeping.