70x50 - Acrylic and Oil on canvas

“If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain”.
Dolly Parton

A moment of tranquility, walking barefoot on the wet ground, shoes in hand and the city itself all for her, to protect the young Caterina.
A walk in Verres under the rain, the sound of the drops and the river below on any day, with few people around.
In the air the wind still carries the fateful words handed down over the years and over the centuries and the beautiful Catherine almost dancing by herself, imagining the joy around her and forgetting the problems and anxieties.
The night is still long, there will be music and the dances, the rainbow after the rain ... and who else might enjoy the intimacy of their own country if not Caterina ...

The Verres Carnival has a legend that explains how the young Caterina, against the orders of the tyrant, went down from her castle to the city and danced with the peasants all night long. The people always loved Caterina for her kindness in that terrible moments under the siege of the tyrant and this is why she is still remembered now. This painting is dedicated to her, the always loved young woman.