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Welcome to Ucari Walter's website. Here you can find the gallery of all his paintings and the detail of his biography.
Painter's artistic production began in 1987 and continued until 2005, mostly landscapes and portraits, pausing due to personal and creative reasons.
2009 is the year of the creative turning of the artist who, after four long years of artistic pause, resumed his production of paintings in acrylic and oil on canvas, moving his interest in a field still unexplored like the female nude.
An artistic revolution personally experienced not only about subjects reproduced buy in style and variation in the size of the canvases.
What term can better adapt to all this if not Renovatio...
Renovatio means rebirth and renewal at the same time, an ancient Latin term, ancient to indicate a movemet toward the future and therefore modern at the same time.
A revolution that is addressed primarily to a personal growth but that is visible and viable to everybody.

Welcome then in the period of renewal and rebirth, you are part of it too, from now on.


The section "Art" proposes the whole gallery of his arts and a brief description, completed from an interesting quote, a particular gem dedicated to the painting.

The section "Events" proposes the artshows and the galleries that exposed and will expose the arts.

Il quadro del giorno

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Tecnica mista con utilizzo sia di olio che acrilico su base sintetica lavorata con resina, composta da pezzi di tela sovrapposti manualmente.

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